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Struggling with Chemistry?

Regain your learning edge with Rapid Learning

  • Rich-media learning without static reading
  • Taught by experts not struggling by yourself.
  • Master one chapter in an hour & all in 24 hours

A Powerful Chemistry Help at Your Finger Tips


If you are looking for chemistry help, Rapid Learning can help you to learn faster and easier.


Developed by a team of chemistry professors and learning experts, Rapid Learning System provides a break-through learning platform with rich-media and smart teaching. Each course is structured with 24 chapters. Each chapter requires one-hour of study time - visual tutorial, problem drill and review sheet. These three core components are supplemented by 24 audiobooks and 24 ebooks.


Here is the 3-step Rapid Learning process:


(1) Visual Tutorial: Spend the first 30 minutes to study the visual tutorial taught by the experts. The focus is on conceptual understanding and problem solving.
(2) Problem Solving: Spend another 20 minutes to work on the problem drills and continue on further learning.
(3) Super Review: Recap what you learn and study the cheat sheet with key concepts and formulas.


This powerful integration offers the most effective learning at the shortest time possible, no nonsense approach. It is designed to engage students with multi-modal learning approach. This is specifically catered for non-traditional learners who have difficulty in learning math and science from textbooks.


To empower you with the chemistry help, Rapid Learning offers comprehensive chemistry courses in high school chemistry, AP chemistry, college chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry and other test-prep.


Start learning chemistry visually in 24 hours, one subject at a time! Take a test drive today at our Preview Center.



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